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October 1

•         Get Organized Week, October 5 – week.

•         World Vegetarian Day

For those new to vegetarianism, it serves as an enticement to give meatless fare a try (even for a day) and learn about its many benefits. And, of course, it’s the perfect occasion for vegetarians and those already moving towards plant-based diets to celebrate their healthy, compassionate food choices.

•         World Habitat Day (First monday of october)

October 2

•         National Frugal Fun Day(First sat of october)

Frugal Fun Day is a day to enjoy fun activities that are free (or very inexpensive). If you use your imagination, the ideas are endless. Go on a bike or walking hike. The Fall leaves are on display. Have a picnic in the park, or your back yard. Invite some friends or neighbors over for a garage party and dance. Go fly a kite. Pull out the those old board games or puzzles that you have stored in the basement.

•        Name your car day

Does your car have a name? Lots of people name their cars. Every car has character and personality. We spend a lot of time in our cars, and caring for them. So, its only fitting that each car gets its own name.

Selecting a name should be made with care and consideration. Give your car a name that properly reflects its character. What you name you car should be a proper reflection of its character and performance, and your desires for your car. In general, guys names are for guys’ cars, and girl names are for the cars that you ladies drive. Aside from that, selection of a name is wide open. But, be careful….cars have feelings, too.

Here are some of our thoughts in selecting an appropriate name for your car:

Don’t select wimpy names. That might give your car a personality complex and it will perform accordingly.
Do give a strong, aggressive name to sports cars and cars with powerful engines.
Sleek, sexy feline-like cars savor names that begin with “lady”.
Old junkers are proud just to be around. You can call them just about anything. Try “Tramp”, or “Old Yeller”, “Old Blue”.
Pick names to reflect your personality.
“Pickemup” trucks must have country names.
Don’t give common names (like Joe, Mike or Sue)  to luxury cars. They beam over names like Reginald, Archibald, and Crystal.

October 4

•         Visit Your Cousin in Prison Day

Who comes up with these holidays, anyway? If you do go to visit an incarcerated family member, don’t forget to take the ubiquitous prison gift of a cake with a file baked into it. The old English proverb “Blood is thicker than water” rings true on this day

October 5

•         Fire Prevention Week

•         National Apple Betty Day

An apple brown betty is a traditional American dessert made of apples baked between layers of sweetened bread crumbs.

The recipe dates back to Colonial times. In fact, it first appeared in print in 1864 in an article in the Yale Literary Magazine. It was a very popular dish back then because it was quick and easy to make and could even be made on the trail while people were traveling in their covered wagons.
Though nobody knows who Betty really is, her apple brown betty desserts have been a longtime favorite dessert. In honor of National Apple Betty Day, try making your own topped with lemon sauce, ice cream, or whip cream. Yum!

•         Long Walk Day

October 6

•         National Storytelling Festival

•         World smile day

Today, give everyone you meet a big smile! Harvey Ball, who created the smiley face back in 1963, also had the idea for World Smile Day. Mr. Ball was concerned that his smiley face had become too commercialized, and decided everyone should set aside one day each year to spread smiles and random acts of kindness all over the world.

October 7

•         Bathtub Day

Celebrating introduction of bathtub in England in 1828.

October 10

•         Tube top day

commemorating the first appearance of the tube top, a wardrobe staple of the true fashionista. Celebrate by going out and buying one in every color!

October 11

•         Meet a friend for lunch day

Take time out of your busy work day to schmooze with your best friend!

October 10

•         Tuxedo day

Celebrating the American debut of the tuxedo circa 1886 in New York City.

October 11

•         National Sausage Pizza Day

•         You go, Gril day

A day for celebrating courageous women who go out into the world and accomplish their goals by never giving up.

October 12

•         Farmer’s Day

•         World egg day

Celebrating the egg. Yes, the humble egg, staple food of the masses. I wonder how the chickens of the world feel about this day?

October 13

•         Canadian Thanksgiving Day

October 15

•         National Grouch Day

Celebrate your favorite grouch on this day! Buy him or her a small gift, and maybe they’ll know longer be grouchy when they realize someone cares.

October 16

•         Dictionary Day

•         World Food Day

First celebrated world wide in 1945, this day fosters awareness and understanding of world hunger. Forget your diet today – instead, be thankful you have food!

October 17

•         Black Poetry Day

The time to celebrate past and present authors like Langston Hughes, Phillis Wheatley and Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Spend this day appreciating African-American authors and spreading the word of Black poets through your friends, family members and throughout the world.

The birth of Black Poetry Day came as an anniversary of the first published African-American poet, Jupiter Hammon, who was born into slavery in 1711 on Long Island.

With the birth of the Harlem Renaissance, Black Poetry has strived to become what it is today.

Famous black poets include
Maya Angelou
Sterling A. Brown
Lucille Clifton
Toi Derricotte
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Jessie Redmon Fauset
Angelina W. Grimke
Jupiter Hammon
Langston Hughes
Claude McKay
Anne Spencer
Ntozake Shange
Natasha Trethewey
Margaret Walker
Phillis Wheatley (one of the first female black poets)

October 18

•         Long Distance Day

a holiday to commemorate the first long-distance phone line that was established between New York City and Chicago in 1892. This would be a good day to reach out across the miles and call friends and family.

October 19

•         Dress Like a Total Dork Day

October 20

•         Shampoo Day

October 22

•         Used Car Day

The first used car dealership was opened in 1897 in London, England. This day has been set aside to recognize the beginning of what is now a time-honored way of buying a vehicle.

October 23

•         Canning Day

•         Mole Day

•         Do it yourself day

Be motivated to choose a challenge, them go out and succeed as Blanche Scott did in 1910 when she was the first woman to make a solo airplane flight.

October 24

•         Match day

Today’s holiday commemorates the day in 1836 when Alonzo Philips of Springfield, MA, first patented the invention of the household match

October 25

•         National Greasy Foods Day

October 27

•         National Potato Day

•         Make a Difference Day

•         Boxer shorts day

These comfy underpants first appeared in 1901. Celebrate the day by donning a pair and relaxing!

October 28

•         Fall Back Day

October 29

•         Oatmeal Day

October 30

•         National Candy Corn Day

•         Buy-A-Doughnut Day

October 31

•         Halloween/Harvest,

•         Magic Day

This day honors the memory of the great magician, Harry Houdini, who died on this date in 1926.



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