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     (Day 0 and Day 1 of outr trip) Since it was night on the day of departure, I call it day 0(May be i’m used to indexing!). Rajdahni express was not as we had anticipated. Apart from centralized A/C, it is just as any local train except that you get a pillow, blanket,rug and a bed spread to sleep.
     The dinner served consists of a soup(if you can call it a soup) with a biscuit(starter), 2 rotis, 2 kinds of curry(1 paneer and 1 dal), rice plate sweetened curd(I wonder y they add sugar to curd) and before i forget, a bottle of RAIL NEER!. You are forced to eat the same dinner 3 times during the journey.
6 friends out of college, how can people in the train expect us to sleep at 9?!! that too on day 0 of our fascinating journey?! amidst complaints we managed to make a lot of noise with our rib tickling anecdotes.

Bangalore - Delhi Rajdhani Expresss

Bangalore - Delhi Rajdhani Expresss

     Early Morning and Coffee time! It was 6:30 in the morning when we were woken up by the rail servicemen. with just 3 hours of sleep(for us, 6:30 is night even during exams!), we got ready to prepare our coffee – you get a cup, milk powder, hot water jar and 2 biscuits- do it yourself! then follows breakfast at 8, lunch at 1(same menu), do it yourself coffee at 4 and dinner at 8(again). You can have a good time if you love to stand by the door of the speeding train and watch vindhyas pass by…


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