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View from our cottage

View from our cottage

As usual I got up earlier than others and as I opened the window screens the view of the snow capped mountains gave me a pleasant surprise. We had not noticed any snow covered mountain the previous day as it was late in the evening by the time we reached Manali. Below, in the garden of the holiday home there were numerous apple trees with lovely apples. Amazed with the view I woke up all my friends in no time.
It was 9’0 clock before we got ready and Annavru was in time to pick us up. We went to the same hotel Natraj for breakfast and had decent grilled sandwiches before leaving to the river rafting camp. We reached the rafting camp by 10:30( it is on the banks of river Beas,35 kms from Manali on way to kullu). There were two kinds of rafting rides – short and long( 300 and 500 per head respectively). We decided to take the short ride. We then realized that we have left all the money in the car which was parked quite far. Annavru was back in action drawing out numerous 1000 rupee notes and offered us 2 of them to pay for our ride!! We accepted the generous offer and decided to pay him later. We got in to the safety jackets and gave our cameras to Annavru to take some pics. It was a 3km ride in the violent Beas and we had a real good fun. By the time we reached our destination rocketing in the river we were surprised to see annavru waiting at the other bank with the camera! We dried ourselves at the banks and got in to the car.
Rafting at Beas

Rafting at Beas

We then stopped at a hotel River View for lunch. We ordered a few things and while waiting we learned that Annavru was inside the kitchen taking personal care for the food being prepared! Amazing guy.. We then went to the famous Namdhari’s for shopping. Known by its brand, it is one of the most famous shopping destinations at kullu-manali.

After shopping for more than an hour( well yes we did buy so many clothing – for ourselves and family back at home) when we were about to leave in our car a disaster struck. When our car was taking a reverse turn it was hit sideways by a lorry. The impact was so strong that the entire door and sides of the car were ripped off. We were still in a shock when the lorry went on to hit another lorry right in front of it and all 3 vehicles came to a stop. Annavru was hurt and lost to see his dear car in such a state. The traffic came to a halt on both sides and police were summoned. There was a fierce fight between the two lorry drivers but annavru interestingly maintained his calm. Police came and summoned the lorry owners and annavru’s boss and everyone decided to discuss and settle the matter. By that time the traffic was jammed for miles on both sides and police had tough time clearing it. Finally after being slapped(the best live slap I’ve ever seen J ) by annavru’s boss the offending lorry driver agreed his mistake and confessed that his lorry had no breaks. His owner agreed to pay some ransom. By then Annavru went and arranged for some cold drinks for us! His boss apologized to us for the trouble and gave a false invite to his house for a lunch the next day. We finally left the place by 7:30 stopped at Hotel Natraj on the way for dinner and reached the holiday home by 9PM. Annavru promised to come back the next morning with another car and take us around.

The next morning we got up very late as annavru had told he’ll be coming a little late. We noticed that the previous day’s incident were in all the news papers with our mention as the tourists from Bangalore! Annavru came in his friend’s Tata Sumo at 10:30 and we went to hotel Natraj(Again :-() for a brunch( breakfast cum lunch). We then went to the famous Hadimba temple. The temple looks like an antic artifact placed at the centre of a beautiful park. The temple’s door is very small and the interior is like a gufa(cave).Here we got to see the locals in their traditional costume. The place looked as if there was a multi cultural/lingual/national gathering as we could see people from various places of India/world. Very nearby there is a huge Gatotkach tree to which people pray. At this place one can find numerous local people trying to sell herbal medicines to improve fertility and also kesar.. I don’t think it’s a wise idea to fall prey to them.

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple

From the Hadimba temple we went to a place called vasist which is famous for its hot springs. There is a temple at this place which multiple pools which are filled by the hot springs. Even the wash taps provided there supply hot water from these springs.

From vasist we went to a place called Buddha Gufa which is located at the centre of the town. It is a small yet beautiful monestry. Here Annavru treated us with a manali special tasty dish called MOMO( veg momo).

The next place to visit is the Central park. It is a small part located at the centre of the town and in winter season it is very famous for its snow capped trees and views. There is even a small pool with a few peddling boats. The park edges with the banks of the river Beas and its an ideal place for newly wed 😉

We then had dinner at a hotel called Aashiana. Pretty decent one with weird food combos. Their menu had “plane dosa”, “chile bear”, “chinnes”, “edli” etc..! Spelling mistakes are very common. (I don’t know if their dictionary itself is different). Manali is very famous for its apple juice. There are a few factories on the way from simla to manali where we can drop by and have apple juice. We did buy a few bottles of concentrated apple juice mix at a shop to take back home. We came back to Holiday home and packed all our stuff, had bath as we had to leav very early the next day.


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