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    (Day two of our trip)It was early in the morning when we reached Delhi. One of my friend’s relative had arranged a taxi. We reached another friend’s house where we got ready and had our breakfast. I remember seeing an interesting quote on the bathroom door there which said “How long is 1 minute?, The answer depends on which side of the door you are! “.


 Then started our journey to vrindavan, where on our way had lunch at a dhaba(Gulshan Dhaba, if i remember the name correctly). The very sight at vrindavan shocks you. you cant believe you are in a place of such historic importance, The city is very densely packed with roads narrowing down to gullys with stincking drainages on either sides. You will be left clueless untill you find yourself surrounded with 10 guides threatening you to hire them.

 On hiring one, you will be taken to the main Radha Krishna temple. En route, beside Yamuna river you find a tree(supposedly 1000’s of years old) where Krishna stole the dresses of his maids.


ISKON temple at Vrindavan

ISKON temple at Vrindavan


 “Caution”: In the Radha krishna temple, you will be offered various plans like student plan( 250/-), name plate plan (2265/-) and so on.. You will be threatened that if you fail to subscribe to one of these bad luck follows your family! Do not fall prey to this unless you have heart to donate. There is an ISKON temple nearby which is very beautiful and worth a visit too.

        Continuing, we reached Mathura by 4 PM. Mathura, the birth place of lord Krishna is a very sacred place and a sensitive one too. It is located approximately 50 km north of Agra, and 150 km south of Delhi; about twenty kilometers from holy Vrindavan. The security is very tight and you will not be allowed to carry any bag, phone or camera. After being frisked twice, sometimes thrice, you enter the temple premise guarded by hundreds of army men with machine guns. The birth place of the lord is a small jail cave with a divine environment. There is a huge marble temple built above that. 

  We left Mathura by 6PM and on reaching Agra, we had dinner and checked into the hotel which we had previously booked.




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